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Place an order for your jacket Order Form

See number 2 above: Print a hard copy of the order form, fill it out reflective of the examples below, and mail it in.

Referring to the Pricing Information Sheet, you will see the cost of the three different package groups and what is included in that, as well as the add-on possibilities and those prices.  Package Groups represent a norm, what students generally put on their letter jackets.  Package groups generally represent a small savings as opposed to buying patches and sew-ons individually.

Tangible examples provide the clearest form of instructions, so we have provided three different, completed model order forms that should cover most all variables.  In any case where a jacket is ordered and a size is needed, we encourage the student to try on a jacket of a friend, making sure it is one of our jackets from a previous delivery, in order to get an accurate sizing.  As we are able to change both sleeve length and body length, be mindful of that in trying on a jacket for sizing.

Typically, there are three scenarios that require payment from the family, and they are illustrated in our following three examples:

Example #1:  Johnny Carlos

You have been sized and your order was completed and totaled at the school.  You have a copy of or have received a reminder of that order.  You simply need to make remittance  for the amount shown.

Example #2:  Jimmy Don Elmore

Similar to Example #1, a different package level was ordered at the school.   Additional sports icons (2 of them) were added to the jacket letter.  Instead of the tail and lettering, the student opted for the embroidered name as an upgrade.  Additionally, one patch and one sew-on charge was added.

Example #3:  Sandy Johnson

You already have a jacket but never got around to making payment for patches at the original order time.  Or, you may have a jacket with minimal patches, and you are needing to add some sleeve patches.  You will probably want to start with one of the Package Groups, or just add by the single patch.  The Gallery will give you a view of how the patches will look.  Obviously, yours will be created in your own school colors.

- - - - -


Excepting holidays, jackets ordered with patches sewn-on will be shipped approximately 42 working days after the receipt of the group order in the plant.  This expected ship date has to allow for at least 2 weeks of payment receipts from families after the school order, and must be calculated from the date of order entry at our manufacturing facility.  “Patches only” orders will ship in approximately 22 working days from the order entry date.


1. If you have a pink copy of your order, completed at school, or a reminder notice from our office, you’re almost through!  Simply go to “Buy Now” and make payment for the total of your order.  You need not do anything else!

2. If you missed the order day at school, you may click on the “hard copy” link (printable version), download the form and print.  You may elect to send a check or money order with the hard copy. Credit card payment may still be made through the “Buy Now” tab, but we MUST have a copy of your order form to match up with the payment.  A printed copy will need to be mailed to our physical address (see “Contact” page).


(NOTE:  It is absolutely necessary that a copy of your order be received in our office. Even if you successfully make an on-line payment through Authorize.Net, no transaction can be totally completed until an order form is in our possession.)